Construction Sticks Cards included in GC1000 - 18 Activity Cards

These activities have been designed for use with pre-school to year 2 children. They will assist early childhood educators to stimulate pupils' patterning and visualising skills development through discovery play with Construction Sticks.

Research on young children's development highlights play as an ideal vehicle for promoting learning as it creates opportunities for experimentation and manipulation that are essential for the construction of knowledge and understanding. Construction Sticks is an exciting, versatile manipulative which provides these vital experiences and generates a wealth of positive learning activities.
The interesting models presented will appeal to children's natural curiosity and induce them to plan, undertake and attack each task seeing it through to completion.
Early childhood development studies also show that social interaction is important in stimulating a child's intellectual processes. Whether solving a task together or independently, children should be encouraged to verbalise their differing interpretations and approaches.
Each card follows a similar pattern: a photograph of the object to be constructed is provided, and components required to build the object shown as well as its level of complexity are indicated. However, there will be some pupils for whom the easiest level is not readily achieved and others for whom the highest level is within their immediate grasp!\

Early Childhood Outcomes our cards help to achieve:
*Number: one-to-one matching, recognising numbers of objects,counting.
*Patterning: sort, classify & order objects by size, number & other properties. Recognise, describe & extend patterns such as sequences of shapes & translate from one representation to another.Generate & analyse repeating patterns.
*Space: recognise, name, build, draw, compare, sort 2 & 3 dimensional shapes. Investigate & predict the results of putting together and taking apart 2 & 3 dimensional models.

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