30-104C MIXED PACK with Geoshapes/Geofix,
Mini Geofix, Geo Panels and Geo Connectors

Size: 44 x 30 x 7cm
Contents: 224 pieces, teaching &
model-making ideas in a gift box.
20 Geoshapes Small Equilateral Triangles
20 Geoshapes Squares
12 Geoshapes Pentagons with Triangle
10 Geoshapes Rectangles
50 minitriangles, 30 minisquares,
12 minipentagons, 10 minihexagons
15 Triangle Panels
15 Square Panels
10 Connectors Nr.1
10 Connectors Nr.2
10 Connectors Nr.3
Here are some of the models you can make with this pack:

Crab's Body

Front Leg

from Front

Third Leg
from Front


1) Make a Truncated Octahedron using 8 MiniGeofix Hexagons & 6 MiniGeofix Squares
2) Remove all MiniGeofix Squares from your model and build the structure below around it!
3) This is a Rhombicuboctahedron built from 6 connectors Nr. 1 and 8 Geofix Equilateral Triangles
4) By connecting the MiniGeofix Hexagons of structure 1
with the squares inside the squares of Connector 1,
you will obtain this amazing model!!!

Here are a few flat nets which will fold up to make a
rectangular parallelepiped (cuboid). There are 54 nets
for it. Can you find them all?
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