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Awards, Testimonials, Prizes, Articles etc.

Sunbury Downs
Secondary College
March 2010

2009 and 2010 Articles in "Curriculum Study
(Japanese Primary School Magazine)

Auer Verlag Book on Mathematics
for Gifted Children - March 2008
ABC Inside Business Report "Plastic Company Toys with Success"
- Dec. 2007. Interview Transcript
& Video Broadcast
Dr Vijay S. Joshi
(United States)
- Nov. 2007
Edition No.9
Spring 2007
in Dutsch School Magazine,
December 2007

The Herald Sun, Monday May 7th, 2007

Design Magazine
"Curve" (size: 1MB)

Japan 100
Best Toy Award

Australian Gift Award
(Reed Exhibition)
Prof. Bruno D'Amore
Bologna University
Toy & Hobby Retailer
June 2006
Brian E. Phipps
Former Lecurer
Catholic University
Rob Fingerhoets
Maths Educator
An Appraisal of
Geoshapes by
Dr Don Balka